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Organ Extract and Cell Therapy For Chronic Degenerative Diseases And Anti-Ageing

Introduction The human body contains some four trillion cells, which all arose after conception from one unified cell through multiple cycles of division. This process of cellular renewal continues throughout life, as old and weak cells are replaced by new ones. In healthy young individuals the division of cells takes place regularly in an energetic

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Overview of the Immune System

Immunity Protects Us from Infectious Disease. The immune system has evolved to protect us from infectious disease. The System Module Infectious Disease describes four major groups of pathogens (disease-causing infectious agents). Antigen is the name for any molecule that stimulates an immune response. Most antigens are pathogen proteins or carbohydrates that are “foreign” or “non-self”

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Cells – The Units of Life

Cells, the smallest structures capable of maintaining life and reproducing, compose all living things, from single-celled plants to multibillion-celled animals. The human body contains more than ten trillion cells; a result of multiple cycles of division after conception from one newly fertilized cell. This process of cellular renewal continues throughout life, where old and weak cells are

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