Cell Therapy Program

Our cell therapy program, called Cell-Vitalis, is executed in partnership with our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bausch from the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Germany. Our therapy is performed in a 5* Hotel near Frankfurt, Germany, under the supervision and control of our Chief Medical Officer.

Transportation from patients home country to Germany is done in Business class as the least level of service, but can be upgraded to first class or private jet upon request.  Our staff systematically accompanies our patients to ensure the highest level of service and the ability to attend to any particular request.

Upon arrival in Germany, patients will be transported by luxury car to a 5* hotel where friendly staff will assist them in any matters. Usually on the same day, they will undergo an in depth medical examination to ensure that they are suitable for the therapy. They will undergo ECGs, physical examination and heart rate variability test. The last test will provide us with a baseline to compare how much patients have improved after the treatment. We will also be providing them with several personalised infusions on a daily basis during the duration of their stay. These infusions will provide them with the basis for the cell therapy to have maximum effect. This is to ensure patients’ body tissues will have the nutrients they need to accept the cell injection fully.

Before patients can have their personalised cell injection we will take blood samples for a thorough analysis and ensure there is no on-going infection that would affect the therapy. We will also perform any further tests that the patient may request, or that our doctor determines relevant. We will also take another blood sample after the therapy and before patients leave to see how well our cell therapy has worked. As part of the therapy patients will also receive two complimentary full body massages.

During the course of the treatment, patients will have the opportunity to undertake their own light activities. We are able to offer a range of services that patients can access. A full list of these can be found on our extras page. A few examples include sightseeing trips, shopping trips or European excursions. We can also plan any other arrangement at the patients request, however such travel customisation should be planned before departure.

Cell therapy injection will be done under the supervision of our Chief Medical Officer. He will answer any questions patients may have before or after the injections, and he will also advise how to improve and maintain health conditions after the therapy. During the treatment, patients will have access to 24hr hour assistance, ensuring peace of mind. Patients must keep in mind, that after injections they will require a minimum of 48 hours bed rest. This is to ensure that the cell therapy can achieve maximum effectiveness. During bed rest, the cells that have been injected intra muscularly into patients’ buttock muscle will start to act. Patients will continue to receive your daily infusions even after cell therapy. This ensures optimum nutrient levels while the cell therapy takes effect, ensuring the maximum results can be achieved.

Once bed rest is completed, patients will be able to engage in light activities, and will undergo some final medical checks before they leave.

Here is a summary of a typical one-week treatment program:

One-week treatment program
Day 1 Arrival, medical check up with ECG and the setup of the individual cell program.
Day 2 Laboratory tests, then guests can plan their day individually; on request further consultation with the attending physician.
Day 3 Cell injections followed by bed rest in the hotel room and medical supervision.
Day 4 Guests remain in their rooms, physician make rounds and discuss the laboratory results.
Day 5 In the morning guests still remain in their rooms, in the afternoon they may engage in light activities.
Day 6 In the morning, the physicians make their rounds. The guests can then enjoy their day as they wish.
Day 7 Final medical consultations and departure or extension of the hotel reservation.

Here is the flow chart of our working process to take a therapy:

Cell Therapy Process Flow Chart

Cell Therapy Process Flow Chart