Cell Therapy Premium Package

All Inclusive Travel and Therapy

We have put together a Cell Therapy Premium Package to give clients an idea about what a typical Cell-Vitalis treatment includes. This is a non-exhaustive and non-contractual list, and we have several other VIP services that you can view on our extras page.

A typical premium Cell-Vitalis-Treatment package in Germany (Frankfurt) comprises for each patient the following products and services:
• Round-trip air transportation from a main Chinese airport (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong) to Frankfurt in Business Class (can be upgraded)
• Airport transfers: from Frankfurt Airport to the hotel, and return to the Airport after check-
• Analysis of patient’s medical questionnaire and medical reports, prior to his/her arrival, by the Chief Medical Officer of the INSTITUTE for REGENERATIVE MEDICINE.
• Medical consultation and physical examination performed by our Chief Medical Officer.
• ECG exam
• Heart-Rate Variability Test (HRV): this will give us a clear picture of the function of your stress state. It will be done a second time on the day of your departure to see the preliminary effect of the Cell-Vitalis treatment.
• Individualised detox from Sunday until Thursday
• Blood tests (basic blood tests, including Red/White blood cell count, glucose, lipid profile, liver enzymes, function of kidney, etc.) before and 3 days after implantation of cells. Besides the usual profile, special parameters could be tested according to patient’s needs.
• Two whole body massages before cell transplantation.
• Transplantation of cell and tissue mix specifically compiled for your needs.
• All necessary medical care provided with 24-hour presence & availability of competent medical staff; the medical practice and personal rooms of the physicians and nurses on duty are located a few meters away from the patients room; patients are visited or treated every day several times in their room.
• 7 days & 6 nights full board accommodation in a deluxe single room at the 5-star Hotel.
• One visit to Frankfurt and shopping time during the week, including local transport

Note: the information above is non-contractual, and can be customised at will.

Travel options

Lufthansa airplane

With our partner Lufthansa, we can provide premium travel services. As standard we offer business class flights, which take you in luxury to Germany for your treatment. We can provide an upgrade to first class, which has several benefits such as private space on the flight, work on board using an Internet connection, large screen filled with new and up to date in-flight content to browse and high quality gourmet food.

Should it be needed, we have the ability to hire a private jet for you to travel to your treatment. This service is also offered by Lufthansa so will be to the highest standard. This includes an individual flight plan to the clients’ needs. During this flight a premium service is provided, including gourmet food to the clients’ needs. You will also receive air miles on the flight, including bonus points regardless of the length of the flight.

Lufthansa has the ability to modify its cabin space to be able to accommodate a client with particular needs. This service provides plenty of space for medical care, pre-flight fitness test and coordination with ground services. This option will be discussed prior to the flight as required.

When you are on the ground we can provide custom transport to the airport. This can be anything from a motorcycle to a limo. We will also be able to help arrange transport around the city, to different European destinations and transport back to your home country.


During the treatment week, we reserve a day for sightseeing, shopping or visiting our lab for those interested. Additional arrangement can be done accordingly to clients’ requests, with many different possibilities available to make the most of your stay in Germany.

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is the 5th largest city in Germany has a populace of around 2.5 million. It has a deep historic heritage drawn from its rich past. A few ideas near the city; there are a couple of shopping malls downtown and city tours to enjoy. Frankfurt has a very diverse culture and history boasting the highest percentage of foreign residents in any city in Germany. A visit to the Museumsufer, the museum district, can be arranged. This area contains many museums and sightseeing opportunities. There are also many beautiful buildings in Frankfurt with the Alte Oper, a Renaissance Opera building, in the centre of the city a must see. The city also contains many high-end shopping boutiques, making the city a great place to purchase many designer items during your stay.

Further in Germany

We can also arrange to visit farther destinations if more days are available, and take our clients to enjoy the magical scenery of Neuschwanstein Castle, The home of the reclusive King Ludwig II until his death in 1886. The castle dubbed “the castle of the fairytale King” has truly enchanting surroundings and the beauty of the scenery will leave you amazed. If a longer stay is available this is a location not to be missed.

Visits to high end luxury car plants such as Mercedes, Porsche or BMW can also be arranged during the stay in Germany. During these tours you will get to see behind the scenes at some of the most prestigious car brands in the world, learning the manufacturing secrets that make them so successful.

Experience what France has Best to Offer

We offer a broad range of services in France, especially Paris, South West and the French Riviera. Check our VIP Services page for more information.

Paris ShangriLa

Paris ShangriLa Hotel