Nervous System Diseases

Nervous System

Nervous System

The nervous system provides us with everything we need to view, feel and navigate the world. It connects all our senses to the brain so we can consciously perceive them, and allows for our higher thought processes. Our nervous system is typically split into two sections the central nervous system and the autonomous nervous system. The central nervous system involves all of our conscious thought and movements. The autonomous nervous system regulates the control of all our organs and maintains biological homeostasis. Many diseases that have an effect on the nervous system are degenerative, that is they get worse over time. Diseases can affect both the autonomous and central systems.

The diseases that affect the nervous system are highly diverse. For example Parkinson’s is a disease that affects the autonomous nervous system that causes uncontrollable shaking. This is due to the breakdown of neurons in the brainstem. If we were to apply cell therapy to this condition, we could see how it could improve it. There are several diseases that cell therapy can have a curative effect on.

  • Little’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Down syndrome
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Multiple sclerosis


The main goal of cell therapy is to revitalise. Almost all nervous system diseases involve breakdown of neuronal structures at some level. The therapy can help revitalise these damaged neurons and improve the conditions of these people.

Autonomous diseases tend to have a wider effect on the body as they control the functions of other organs. If one organs function degenerates then other organs have to work harder to maintain homeostasis. This means several organs will need slight rejuvenation. Our cell therapy will be created knowing this meaning your whole body will be improved. Stress response is controlled by the autonomous system. It uses a hormone called cortisol, which has an effect on many organs in the body, often causing them to increase activity. If people feel stressed all the time there are adverse effects. Organs are over worked and become less efficient. Excess cortisol is also stored in fat, which in turn causes the accumulation of fat around the body. Our cell therapy has the ability to remove this excess cortisol and make your body more resistant to stress. At the same time your organs are rejuvenated, neuron pathways strengthened and fat levels reduced.

Sensory organs are another area in which cell therapy can assist individuals who have partially lost a sense due to accident or disease. Cell therapy can be used in cases of functional disorders and has achieved success in helping people with only partial sense perception. This only applies to developed loss of sense, not from birth unfortunately.

Though the cell therapy will have a huge effect on your body, the best results are found in individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes regular exercise; a healthy diet including all the food groups and just general good hygiene all have a positive effect.  Our services are at the disposal of any individual who feels that anything mentioned above applies to you or someone you know, we can help you improve your life and those of your loved ones.