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Immune System

Immune System

The immune system is an aspect of human biology that attempts to prevent diseases within the body. These diseases can be developmental (get worse as time goes on), acquired (from microbes) or autoimmunity (the body’s cells damaging themselves). Autoimmunity encompasses allergic reactions and certain developmental diseases. There are hundreds of different immune cells, all highly specialised. However the system is not perfect, certain diseases can overwhelm the host, and autoimmune diseases serve no known purpose.

When we apply the concept of cell therapy to this topic we can see that it has obvious advantages. Imagine that you have an autoimmune disease, which is causing your lung tissue to deteriorate slowly overtime. It is not fully understood why autoimmunity exists, and we have no cure at the current time. However we know that cell therapy has the potential to rejuvenate cells, if we were to inject the patient with lung cells, the body would start to regenerate the existing lung cells, improving the quality of life for the patient. The process is obviously not that simple and that is where the expertise of our labs comes into effect. Of course the therapy is not limited to the lungs either, it applies to all of the organs in the body. Also just the presence of immune cells has been shown to boost the immune system and its effects. The ability of the cell therapy to potentially stimulate the defective antibodies is an invaluable tool to improve your life.

Allergies can have serious effect on people’s day-to-day lives. They need to watch what they eat, as if they eat an allergen it could be potential fatal. Continued exposure results in long-term damage to a variety of organs, depending on the allergy itself. Although the underlying reason for allergic reactions developing is not truly understood, we can combat an allergic reaction using anti histamines and adrenaline. Modern medicine only aims to control the allergy, not remove the cause of it. Cell therapy not only lessens the effects when exposed to an allergen, but can remove it completely. As the cells circulate around the body, they neutralise the defective antibodies that cause the reaction to occur, and over time will remove the allergy.

We use a wide variety of cells to treat immune disorders. This is mainly due to the immune systems role in maintaining optimal function of all organs. If part of this fails, over time it has compounding effects on many different organs. By using multiple cell types we can revitalise the organs that are affected. The therapy will continue to work on the organs after the injections are completed and will continue to rejuvenate damaged organs will the allergy is being healed.

Though the cell therapy will have a huge effect on your body, the best results are found in individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes regular exercise; a healthy diet including all the food groups and just general good hygiene all have a positive effect.  Our services are at the disposal of any individual who feels that anything mentioned above applies to you or someone you know, we can help you improve your life and those of your loved ones.