Endocrine System Diseases

Endocrine System

Endocrine System

Endocrine glands are the tissues within the body that secrete hormones. You have several endocrine glands in your body but the main ones consist of the pituitary gland (pea sized gland in the brain) hypothalamus (at the base of the brain stem) adrenal gland and thyroid gland. Each of these glands secretes a different hormone, which will travel in the blood to its target tissue. Once it reaches its target tissue it will insight a response from the target, e.g. Adrenaline increases heart rate. Unfortunately the situation is much more complicated as hormones interact with multiple tissues and cause different effects. Homeostasis is almost solely reliant on the chemical messengers.

There are several diseases that have an effect on the endocrine system. Graves’ disease, menopause, diabetes and membrane disorders.  When cell therapy is given to an individual who has one of these diseases. It may seem counter intuitive to inject a hormone that there are already high levels of within the body. However hormones work on a system where if there is too much in the blood, no more will be excreted by the endocrine glands. As the gland stops excreting, the cell material moves into the cell and helps regulate the control of these hormones. Cell therapy can be used to treat diseases such as menopause. As we age the endocrine glands become less effective. By undertaking cell therapy we can rejuvenate the organs that can be weakened over time.

The pancreas is one of the body’s primary endocrine organs. Its primary function is to secrete insulin and glycogen. Insulin is secreted when blood sugar levels are too high; glucagon is secreted when blood sugar is too low. These have opposing actions so if the there is a problem with one of the mechanisms it can have a profound effect on homeostasis and organs. Blood sugar in the wrong concentrations can lead to diabetes, glaucoma and if untreated can lead to stroke. Cellular therapy has the potential to repair these defected cells and restore correct homeostatic levels. As time goes on having correct blood sugar levels will correct certain conditions such as glaucoma. Cell therapy will begin to repair diabetes directly by improving insulin sensitivity.

Liver diseases, with the exception of acute diseases, are an area that cellular therapy can provide regeneration to. Many liver diseases, including chronic hepatosis, hepatitis and cirrhosis, have an affect on all of the body. Cell therapy not only has a stimulating effect but also promotes proper functioning of the liver. Effects include improved mental health, improved physical condition and reduced jaundice, reduced liver inflammation and general better metabolism.

Though the cell therapy will have a huge effect on your body, the best results are found in individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes regular exercise; a healthy diet including all the food groups and just general good hygiene all have a positive effect.  Our services are at the disposal of any individual who feels that anything mentioned above applies to you or someone you know, we can help you improve your life and those of your loved ones.