Cardiovascular Diseases

CardioVascular System

CardioVascular System

The cardiovascular system is the body’s method of distributing oxygen and nutrients, also removing CO2 and waste products. The lungs, heart and blood vessels work in tandem to allow the cells to optimally function. As the cardiovascular system consists of two vital organs, diseases that affect these organs and the vessels they serve are a huge problem for modern medicine. Conditions exist in a variety of forms. Heart conditions can be dysfunctional valves to tissue degradation. Lung diseases from asthma to bronchitis and the blocking or rigidity of the blood vessels can cause high blood pressure. The lungs and the bronchi are a paramount aspect of the cardiovascular system. The airway consists of several distinct parts, the bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli. The alveoli are arguably the most prone to damage from external factors such as smoke. However many lung diseases mainly effect the muscles of the bronchus. These few examples show the diversity of the diseases and why finding a cure for all of them is so difficult. The wide range of cell types makes pharmacological treatment of all diseases almost impossible. Cell therapy is the best overall solution

Cell therapy has already proven itself in the cardiovascular area. In relation to the heart, we have seen that when the correct cell preparations have been prepared, this cures to lower stroke volume and lower the force of contraction. Our approach to cell therapy of heart diseases, such as heart muscle failure, arteriosclerosis and heart circulatory disorders. Our cell preparations take into account that each disease is different, so every patient will need a different cell preparation. For example a client with low blood pressure requires a different preparation to one with high blood pressure, even though they affect the same tissue. This is where our expertise comes in. In regards to blood vessels, cell therapy is again proven in this field. As we age our blood vessels become more rigid and lose elasticity. Using our cell preparations we can restore this lost elasticity. This can give the patient a new energy without the need to worry about exacerbating existing conditions.

The lungs are essential for life. Many conditions that affect the lungs are caused by the immune system. This is an area that cell therapy can have an effect. By boosting the body’s natural defences, the lungs can begin to repair themselves. Bronchial diseases are affected positively to a large extent by cell therapy. Spasms associated with bronchial diseases such as allergic bronchitis (hay fever), asthma, asthma attacks, emphysema and pneumonia. Our subjective success rate is over 80% so we have every confidence in our treatment.

As we prepare the cells we will also take into account any previous conditions you may have, such as high blood pressure. This will have a negative effect on the treatment if we do not account for it.

Though the cell therapy will have a huge effect on your body, the best results are found in individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes regular exercise; a healthy diet including all the food groups and just general good hygiene all have a positive effect.  Our services are at the disposal of any individual who feels that anything mentioned above applies to you or someone you know, we can help you improve your life and those of your loved ones