Cell Therapy Indications

IndicationHealthyLifeThe number of diseases that humans can be infected by, numbers the tens of thousands. Microbes, autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases and hereditary diseases have plagued mankind for millennia. In our modern lifestyle we are subject to even more threats, including stress, age related diseases and risk of accident. Cellular therapy is a regenerative medicine that has the potential to help combat these diseases. The table below shows a non-exhaustive list of diseases that are recognised to be treatable by Cell Therapy. A more comprehensive description of diseases can be found on the individual systems pages, explaining how cell therapy can help you with in depth information split up into sections for ease of use.

Functional and organic circulatory and vascular diseases
Signs of wear on the locomotor system
→ Circulatory problems
→ Arteriosclerosis
→ Cardiac insufficiency
→ Dysrhythmia
→ Conditions following a heart attack
→ Users of cardiac pacemakers
→ Spinal complaints
→ Arthrosis
→ Osteoporosis
→ Ischialgia
→ Fibromyalgia
Metabolic disorders
Disorders of the inner organs
→ Diabetes mellitus
→ Lipid metabolism disorders: High cholesterol levels
→ Lung, liver, intestines, kidneys, pancreas
Hormonal disorders
Allergic reactions
→ Impotency
→ Menopausal complaints
→ Hay fever
→ Allergic skin reactions such as psoriasis
Low immunity
→ Susceptibility to infections (frequent colds)

The cell therapy is especially valuable in case of complaints of old age with physical and mental exhaustion, signs of wear, decreasing vitality and quality of life. Also in the case of vegetative and nervous symptoms – long-term stress, sleeping disorders, irritability and inability to concentrate. There is no age limit for the Cell Therapy and the attending physician determines the therapy program, ensuring that the cell therapy covers all health problems. One condition can affect parts of the body unseen or unknown to the patient, the comprehensive treatment will individually tailored to each patient, revitalising all of the impacted regions. We recommend reading the individual body systems pages to see if it can apply. Cell Therapy should not be undertaken in cases of acute, infection and feverish illness, decompensated circulatory disorders or advanced kidney disease.

 The program that we provide has proven to be very successful in the treatment of the above diseases. If you or a loved one suffer from any of these conditions please do not hesitate to contact us, we can provide a comprehensive explanation of the treatment and outcome that would be expected. It is in the potential patients best interests to contact us as soon as possible, the earlier the treatment begins the higher the success rates are. We will also provide information on a healthy lifestyle, allowing patients make alterations prior to the treatments in order to obtain the maximum effect possible. The physicians that we consult with are some of the most experienced in the world, providing advice and expertise from their many years working within the regenerative medicine field. Please check our medical advisory board page for full details on the doctors and scientists that we partner with, our staff are also able to provide full details of this on request.