Cell Therapy Overview

Cell therapy is a type of regenerative medicine using the injection of embryonic organ cells of mountain sheep. Embryonic organ cells have the ability to rejuvenate human cells and effectively restart them, as if they were new. Cell therapy is the practice of inserting the different cell types taken from sheep into an individual. It works on the theory of “like heals like”. For example, if your lungs needed rejuvenating, you would inject a cell suspension containing embryonic lung cells, among others.

A doctor with many years’ experience is needed to achieve an effective therapy, since it requires a thorough examination of the patient’s condition and its lab parameters to determine all the affected body functions. As an example, when a patient has a particular condition, such as high blood pressure, it is not just the heart that is affected. The higher pressure can cause small ruptures to develop in blood vessels; this can release small amounts of blood into surrounding tissues and lymph, which has the potential to be toxic to these cells. If cells are exposed to excessive amounts of toxins they themselves produce more harmful products. The liver has to remove these extra toxins putting additional strain on the organ, potentially damaging the organ. This shows that a disease in one organ has far reaching effects over the body.

Our chief medical officer has several decades of experience in the area of cellular therapy and has successfully treated many patients over the years. He makes the appropriate cell selection based on the results of the patient’s preliminary and extensive medical examination and any previous information he deems relevant. Our Chief medical advisor will consult with our medical advisory board to receive their input on each individual, then he will make the final decision on which cells are to be injected. We take this discussion very seriously, as it will affect the health of the patient if an incorrect treatment is selected. We look at the cell selection from several angles, taking into account the disease, the effects it will have and the patient expectations.

Cell therapy has successfully proven its effectiveness in many diseases as non-exhaustively listed below:

Functional and organic circulatory and vascular diseases
Signs of wear on the locomotor system
→ Circulatory problems
→ Arteriosclerosis
→ Cardiac insufficiency
→ Dysrhythmia
→ Conditions following a heart attack
→ Users of cardiac pacemakers
→ Spinal complaints
→ Arthrosis
→ Osteoporosis
→ Ischialgia
→ Fibromyalgia
Metabolic disorders
Disorders of the inner organs
→ Diabetes mellitus
→ Lipid metabolism disorders: High cholesterol levels
→ Lung, liver, intestines, kidneys, pancreas
Hormonal disorders
Allergic reactions
→ Impotency
→ Menopausal complaints
→ Hay fever
→ Allergic skin reactions such as psoriasis
Low immunity
→ Susceptibility to infections (frequent colds)

During the course of a treatment, which lasts for a week, in addition to customized cell injections, patients will have the luxury of certain amenities, access to hotel facilities (SPA, swimming pool, bar), two massages and daily selective infusions. More comprehensive information can be found on our program and procedure pages. Our services are fully customized for clients in order to provide them with the best experience possible. Additional services can be provided such as a luxury shopping tour with VIP access to high European brands, sightseeing, luxury and medical transportation, etc… Contact us for comprehensive details.

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Regarding safety, we take this subject as extremely seriously. All cell preparations are done in our GMP certified lab, under strict guidelines and extensive tests are done on the client both before and after the injections to ensure the highest levels of service.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details on our treatment.