Molecular-Genetic Tumoranalysis

Targeted Treatments of Cancer in Three Steps

A transformation of cancer genes has to occur inside a cell in order to develop a tumor
During this process, different combinations of gene transformation amongst different human individuals might occur which result in specific characteristics and abilities of the respective cancer cell.
While conventional chemotherapy attacks human cells unspecifically, targeted cancer treatments work with specific characteristics of the tumor cell that are not present in normal cells. Therefore, targeted therapies offer an effective treatment with only few side effects.

1. Identification of the genetic tumor modification

In order to determine the most appropriate targeted treatment, the potential genetic modification of the tumor has to be identified first and foremost.
A sample of the tumor – which has already been taken during the process of the patient’s cancer diagnostic – is used for this analysis. Between 50 to 400 of the most important cancer genes – details depending on the case – will be analysed in the patient sample DNA.

2. Finding suitable therapies

All identified genetic modification found are evaluated for clinical relevance by the means of extensive research in world wide databases and recent scientific publications, as well as extensive discussions by experts.
The results of this thorough analysis are used to evaluate the possibility of a targeted cancer treatment in the patient case and to identify the most suitable treatment for him/her.

3. Approach to treatments and experts

Based on the results of our research, the patient will be informed – by the means of an extensive dossier – about the most recent clinical studies or available medicine suited to his/her genetic Tumor-profile.
These suggestions will be elaborated in cooperation with established experts and can be integrated into his/her personal treatment strategy by his/her doctors.
If desired, the targeted treatment can also be performed in the medical facilities of the Northwest Hospital, Frankfurt/Main, Germany.