Tumoranalysis Approach

The first step of our approach is a detailed interview with the patient conducted by a medical doctor in regards to the planned analysis. Here the patient will have the possibility to gather extensive information about procedures and treatments.

During the interview we will explain the purpose, extent and significance of the genetic analysis.

After written consent has been provided by the patient, the analysis will be initiated.

A sample of the tumor – which has already been taken during the process of your cancer diagnostic – is used for this analysis.

The molecular-genetic analysis will be performed by the cooperating Institute of Pathology of the University hospital Giessen, Germany.

After receiving the results of the analysis we will perform extensive data base research as well as discuss the results with experts of our continuously growing network. This will result in providing the patient with a detailed report of the possible targeted therapy.

The results will be summarized in an extensive report.

The report will be sent to the patient who will have information about the results of the analysis as well as the most recent therapy options according to his/her genetic tumor profile.

The suggestions might include approved medical treatments as well as suitable clinical studies.

After the patient received his/her report, we will be available to provide his/her or his/her doctors with further information if requested.

Tumor Analysis