Medical Advisory Board

Our Medical Advisory Board

CONTINUUM Healthcare team is supported by a wealth of Professors and Medical Doctors who have pioneered in the field of cell therapy, regenerative medicine, cancer diagnosis and treatment. In the course of the treatments and diagnostics with our clients, we receive precious advice from our medical advisory board members and strive to provide our clients with ways to improve their health and regain their youth.

Prof. Dr. Med. Albert Landsberger

Prof Dr Med Landsberger

Prof. Dr. Albert Landsberger completed his training in 1958 in the University of Heidelberg, Germany and in 1960; he was assigned as a research assistant at the Anatomical Institute in that city. He obtained his habilitation in anatomy, histology and embryology teaching for Terminology (studying philosophy, German, history) in 1968. In 1970, he became Director of the Anatomical Institute, Heidelberg and in 1981, President of the Medical Association for biological defense against cancer. In 1990, he took the position of the hospital director for biological defense against cancer in Friedenweiler, Germany.

At the beginning of 1950, lyophilised cells were introduced to the market through vacuum capsules. Prof. Dr. Albert Landsberger realised the importance of this therapy approach and developed it further. Through meticulous research for more than 40 years, which is still valid until today, as cell and system therapy.

Prof. Landsberger is certain the injected animal protein molecules have an affinity with the mesenchym organ, which means that they are coded to follow the blood stream to the desired organ. This is in line with the findings of Paracelsus, an eminent 16th century physician stating “Heart heals the heart, lung heals lung, spleen heals spleen; like cures like.“ Landsberger compares this to the way that hormones find their way within the hormonal system beginning in the brain’s hypophyse, the extracts are then transported to the glands in which they are to become effective. A biologist colleague, Mr. Günter Blobel, through scientific research, discovered that “ the built in signals of the proteins which enables them to be transported to and localize the cell” confirms Landsberger’s explanation. Günter Blobel was given the Nobel Prize for medical research in 1999.

An uncontrolled study trial from 1978 to 1986 in 48 patients with advanced breast cancer showed, that the Living Cell injections significantly improved the quality of life according to a standard self-assessment questionnaire. Seven of the patients were alive more than 39 months after treatment, although the median survival time was 24 months for this group. One patient who came to Landsberger’s clinic with metastases in the spine due to breast cancer was still alive and cancer-free 12 years after treatment with Living Cell Therapy.

Dr. Med. Michael Bausch

Dr. Med. Michael Bausch

Dr. Michael Bausch, MD, PhD, was until May 2013 medical director of the German Center for Fresh Cell Therapy in Lenggries in Upper Bavaria. He has now established his own Institute for Regenerative Medicine. In addition to decades of experience in the field of cell therapy, Dr. Bausch has a profound experience in cancer research, in preventive medicine and anti-aging. His special interest today is to use the cell therapy in combination with modern medical therapy to combat aging symptoms as well as to repair health damages.

During the past 20 years, Dr. Bausch gained extensive experience in the research field of biotechnology. Particularly in oncology, he was very active in the development of pharmaceuticals for many years. In cooperation with various biotechnology companies and also a research group from the prestigious Sloan-Kettering Institute in New York, Dr. Bausch founded the Medical Enzymes AG Berlin, and put in the groundwork for the development of a new cancer drug (GlutaDON) 1990-2010.

As CEO (2003-2010) and founder of Medical Enzymes AG (1990), he built an extensive national and international network of University Clinics (e.g. University of Freiburg, Clinic for Tumor Biology Professor. Dr. C. Unger, KHS Frankfurt-West, Prof. Dr. S. Albatran, University of Frankfurt, University of Tuebingen, Charitee in Berlin, HSK-Kliniken Wiesbaden, University of Cracow in Poland, University Columbia S.C. in USA, Prof. Dr. Joseph Roberts) and laboratories for further development of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of oncological diseases. With his own medical device companies (Medical Enzymes AG Berlin, Cavira Biopharmaceuticals AG Potsdam, MD Health Management GmbH Frankfurt) Dr. Bausch was dedicated to cellular health and disease prevention. In this context he also dealt with the topic of cellular aging, anti-aging medicine and the fresh cell therapy.

As the head physician of the Europe’s largest clinic for TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) in Marbella (1988- 2001), Southern Spain, Dr. Bausch practiced the combination of western medicine, alternative therapies methods and TCM. As president of the Anti-Aging-Academy Munich (2001-2003), he was also responsible for the training of doctors in the preventive medicine and Anti-Aging.

Having been trained in Biochemistry at the University in Tuebingen and trained as a physician at the University in Heidelberg (where he met Prof. Landsberger as his anatomy class teacher), he was beside the responsible treatment of his patients, always interested in root cause analysis of diseases. In the early 80′s he made as a general physician his first convincing experience in his own clinic, treating chronic diseases of his patients with embryonic sheep cells. Later he moved his focus to cell therapy for regeneration and anti-aging.

With his own medical technology companies (Medical Enzymes AG Berlin, Cavira Biopharmaceuticals AG Potsdam, MD Health Management GmbH Frankfurt) Dr. Bausch was dedicated to research on cell metabolism to understand and to prevent diseases. Hence his main interest always remained to find out more about the background of the mode of action of the cell therapy.

It is the vision of Dr.Bausch now to let his patients benefit from all of his experience in research, diagnostics and treatment, in his Institute for Regenerative Medicine with the Cell-Vitalis concept. Dr Bausch is the actual Cell-Vitalis Chief Medical Officer, responsible for the cell implants with our patients.

Dr. Wilfried Bieger

Dr. Wilfried Bieger

In 1999, Dr Wilfried Bieger founded the company ANT.OX for functional diagnostics, idea of which is carried on by his partner laboratory, Neurolab GmbH since 2007. In 2002, he founded his practice for integrative medicine, successor of the Medical Immunology laboratories founded in 1987. When he became acquainted with the American pioneers of amino acid therapy Dr. Hinz (Neuro Research) and Dr. Kellermann (Neuroscience Inc), he realised the outstanding importance of neuro-regulation.  The focus of his work then shifted to diagnosis and therapy of neuro stress-associated diseases.

The scientific knowledge of the amino acid therapy, which was available and practiced in the U.S. since the early 90s, had not been found up to that point the way to Germany. Due to his many years of experience in the laboratory diagnosis Dr. Bieger recognized the great potential of this therapeutic concept. Dr Bieger has become a specialist in neuro stress, neurotransmitter and neurohormone diagnosis, chronic fatigue syndrome and also has a private practice in Munich. He has, among other activities, developed a laboratory concept, Lab4more in Munich providing the determination of neurostress and hormone profile based on simple patient urine and saliva samples. Dr Bieger has already 6 patents related to these analysis methods.

The lab tests and determination profiles conducted during our Cell-Vitalis therapy are done thanks to Dr Bieger’s advanced techniques.

Prof. Dr. Clemens Unger

Prof. Dr. Clemens Unger

Prof. Dr. Clemens Unger was, for almost two decades, medical director of the Clinic for Tumor Biology and is an internationally renowned specialist in oncology treatment. He is the founder and director of the Center for Cancer Medicine and reported for classical internist tumor treatment with chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy. In addition, he is a formidable scholar of unconventional, supportive and alternative treatment methods.

He did scientific works in the Department of Clinical Biochemistry (Prof. H. Söling) and the Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (Prof. H. Eibl) between 1978 and 1980, then followed on training as an internist / hematologist-oncologist at the University of Göttingen from 1980 to 1988. He obtained a habilitation for  “alkylphosphocholines – a new group of anti-tumor agents” in 1988.

Since 1988, he has held numerous academic positions, as Member of the “Scientific Advisory Board” of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), Berlin / Bonn (1990-2004) Germany; Supernumerary Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Göttingen, Germany (1991); Director, Department of Medical Oncology of the Department of Tumor Biology at the Albert-Ludwig’s University of Freiburg, Germany (1993-2011); Expert of the EMA (European Medicines Agency) London / UK (since 2000); Expert of EMA to assess the risks of medical products (since 2005); “Honorable member of the Scientific Council of the Alexandrov National Cancer Center of Belarus” (since 2009) and Chief Physician of the Center for Cancer Medicine in Freiburg, Germany (since 2011).

He has been awarded prizes for his research and development such as the Farmitalia Carlo Erba prize, obtained for the experimental work on the penetration of drugs through the blood-brain barrier of the rat (1986), the German Cancer Award for the development of Alkylphophocholinen as a new group of anticancer drugs (1990), the Galen of Pergamum prize for the development of drugs from phospholipids (1995) and the European Science and Culture Award for the development of new drugs and treatment strategies for infectious diseases and cancer (2008).