About Us

Continuum Healthcare

GreenfieldSince its inception in 2011, CONTINUUM Healthcare has become a high-end healthcare consulting service provider specializing in regenerative medicine, cancer diagnostics, prevention, treatments and alternative therapies. Their staff have over 15 years experience in the medical industry are able to assist clients with most health related matters, from general consultations to cell therapy treatments.

CONTINUUM Healthcare has partners for the research and diagnosis of Cancer and Cell therapy, searching for natural solutions and treatments to improve a patient’s quality of life and revitalize the body. A major partnership was formed with Dr. Bausch and his Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Together The Cell-Vitalis program was conceived and developed. Cell-Vitalis is a comprehensive cell therapy treatment like no other available, incorporating initial assessment, any necessary medicines and supplements prior to the treatment, along with neurostress and diagnostic tests. After the treatment the diagnostic tests will be repeated and any supplements that the client wishes can continue to be provided. The program that we developed is a truly comprehensive; anything that the client may need prior to or post treatment has been thought of and made available, ensuring maximum restorative effects can be achieved. Full details of this service are provided in the cell therapy section.

CONTINUUM Healthcare is the Healthcare division of CONTINUUM Group Ltd, a holding company dealing with high end and VIP services from worldwide first class service providers. This can include anything from personally customised designer products, luxury transport, and personal concierge service taking the stress away from everyday tasks or investment. The investment opportunities we offer range from asset conversion, foreign accounts and property investment. Details of our VIP services can be found in the VIP section.

CONTINUUM Healthcare strives to provide its clients with the most exclusive suitable natural solution for their health and wellness needs. You are welcome to contact us directly for more details.