Cell Therapy ... Young forever ...

Cell Therapy

Cell-Vitalis provides an exclusive Cell Therapy in Germany. Take a rejuvenating cure to help solve most chronic diseases.

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VIP Services

Medicalised air transportation for patients having difficulties to travel, discover the other VIP Services we offer.

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Board of Experts

Our Medical Advisory Board is composed of expert in Cell Therapy, Regenerative Medicines and Cancer treatment.

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High End Healthcare Services

Healthcare ServicesProviding a high end and extensive range of healthcare and luxury services, we strive at satisfying and even surprising our clients expectations with the highest level of services from Europe. The care provided is second to none, with only the most experienced physicians consulted with while you stay in the most luxurious accommodation available.

As a matter of fact, we have helped our clients regain or improve their health thanks to our regenerative medicine based on cell therapy, while helping them enjoy Europe and all of the best experiences it has to offer. Our VIP service can take the whole experience to another level; we take the stress out of anything the client may want to do, leaving them free to get the maximum enjoyment from the trip.

Based on a strong partnership with Dr. Bausch, from the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, we are able to offer a very comprehensive program that allies cell therapy and the most modern alternative methods of medical diagnostic and treatment for our clients. Our cell injections have the potential to rejuvenate body cells after they have experienced disease. Using our state of the art, GMP certified labs, organ cells are prepared under the supervision of our Chief Medical Officer and their combination is customised for each patient. Our lyophilised cell process insures safety and integrity of the original sheep donor organ cells. Our Chief Medical Officer has several decades experience working with cell therapy and regenerative medicine ensuring our clients with the highest level of care and the best possible benefits for their health. In addition, our partnership with Prof. Al-Batran, from the Krakenhaus Nordwest Hospital, in Frankfurt, Germany and the University Cancer Research centre, allows us to offer cancer screening and tumour analysis for our patients. Tumour analysis can help to tremendously improve the efficiency of the chemotherapy by selecting the right drugs according to patient genes.

Private JetOur services are provided in Europe while we systematically accompany our clients. Our flights are business class as standard, however first class or private jet are optionally available thanks to our partnership with Lufthansa. If required on long-haul flights, airplane cabins can be arranged with a Patient Transport Compartment designed for intensive care transport with state-of-the-art medical equipment. When on the ground, we can provide custom luxury transportation and tours around Europe for shopping, sightseeing or even investing in locations such as France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. We provide high end, VIP services at all of these locations and security details can be arranged as required.

Any detail of the treatment can be personalised according to your tastes. Whether this be special travel arrangements to and from the airport, a penthouse suite at the Falkenstein Hotel or personalised shopping trips designed around exactly where you would like to shop. If the client would like to extend their stay in Europe after the treatment we can arrange this also. We can arrange stays in the best hotels and destinations around Europe, leaving the client safe in the knowledge that the have missed nothing, seeing the very best that Europe has to offer in sightseeing, shopping and cuisine. A concierge service can also be provided for your journey, taking the stress out of planning activities or communicating accurately in a foreign land. For the full details of all of the extra services offered please check our VIP services section.

We strive to offer the most comprehensive high-end treatment package available today; covering every aspect from the client leaves their home until they return. We invite you to contact us for more details, our very knowledgeable staff are happy to provide all of the information required.